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Cox Water Heater

What is it?

The Cox Water Heater is a simple, economic and environmentally friendly way to heat cold water by the use of steam.

Typical Applications

Cox Water Heaters have found applications in industries where process steam is available, and where hot water is required for various purposes including:

  • Cleaning process work of all descriptions
  • Boiler feed water heating
  • Economiser feed water pre-heat
  • Temperature boosting of water in coil heated storage tanks
  • Temperature maintenance of circulating water in various applications.
  • Heaters have been installed in the chemical and paper industries, breweries, dairies, distilleries, and tanneries amongst many others.


Want to find out more?

The Cox Water Heaters provide the advantage of taking waste steam to heat cold water, efficiently, economically and with no damaging effects to the environment, with the added benefit of a constant source of cheap hot water.

Cox water heater bodies are made from high quality corrosion resistant materials. The closed circuit nature of the heater means that when installed and used in accordance with the technical brochure, the discharged hot water from the outlet cannot constitute a hazard.

Many users are less and less tolerant of the alternative practice of producing hot water by the simple means of injecting steam into water. The knocking, vibration and dangerous escape of steam along with associated hot water storage problems are unacceptable in many installations.

The design of the Cox Water Heater maintains the basic practice of mixing steam and cold water, whilst at the same time eliminating the undesirable features mentioned above. This is achieved by a system of steam nozzles and a carefully arranged water supply mixing with the steam in the heat exchange chamber. The chamber incorporates a large available condensation surface as a consequence of the metal ‘Raschig` rings that fill it. Complete condensation of the steam is thereby achieved without any of the knocking which would otherwise occur as a consequence of the sudden changes in volume.

The heaters are capable of working with varying steam and water pressures within the design specification of the unit. There is no need for the steam and water supply pressures to be equal, although the heating capacity is of course dependent on the pressure and the amount of steam that is conveyed to the heater. As the total heat content of the steam is utilised, with minimum heat loss, a considerably larger output is achieved than with conventional tubular or plate heat exchangers.



Steam inlet temperature Ranging from 108 to 180 °C saturated steam
Steam inlet pressure Ranging from 0.34 to 9.0 bar gauge (barg)
Water inlet pressure 0.34 to 9.0-bar gauge (barg)
Water outlet temperature Up to 93 °C depending on steam conditions
Water capacity 20 to 150 litre/min



Cox Water heaters have been designed only for use with saturated steam at a maximum inlet pressure/temperature of 9.0 barg / 180°C.

Under no circumstance must superheated steam be used.

No other gas or vapour must be used.

Only potable water must be used which must be free from saline or other potentially corrosive constituents.

The heaters have been subject to an hydraulic pressure test at 1.5 x the maximum design working pressure (1.5 x 9.0 = 13.5 barg).


Safety Instructions

Click here to download safety instructions for Cox Water Heaters.