Bearing Castings

Brass Founders Bearings.

With our modern foundry, we are capable of producing a variety of large and small bearings to meet your requirements.

Working to British Standard tolerances and better, we can cast and supply to a 3mm tolerance to minimise the need for machining. We can also supply bearings proof or fully machined dependant to your needs.

Whilst the majority of our bearings and bushes are supplied in Bronze alloys, additional to this popular choice we can produce Cast Iron and White Metal (Babbitt and Hoyt) alloys too.

Bearings Available

Wide Range Of Bearings.

We produce bearings in all guises which can be procured to include oil ways for lubrication.


Square Back Bearings

Sleeved Bearings

Flanged Bearings

Half Bearings

Full Bearings

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