Bespoke Castings

Brass Founders Custom Castings.

Brass Founders Sheffield will strive to cast whatever you require.

We have a long tradition of producing high quality, decorative castings for the homes of nobility and Royal palaces. Many are used in restoration projects or where “off the shelf” products cannot be sourced.

Custom Casting Solutions

Manufacturing Capabilities.

We can manufacture custom casting solutions which include:

  • Bespoke Brass Bells
  • Solid Brass Fire Dogs
  • Pendant Lighting Rings
  • Finger Plates
  • Door Handles
  • Floor Plates
  • Military Insignias
  • Decorative Floor Grilles In Bronzes, Aluminium And Brass
  • Ornate Lamps
  • Chaise Longue
  • Bronze Domes For Mosques
  • Heating, Drainage And Ventilation Grills

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